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Välkommen till oss Yvette och Theresia Malm. Vi är dina fastighetsförmedlare i Medelhavet. Tveka inte att kontakta oss för ett rådgivningsmöte och/eller en visningsresa av fastigheter.
Vi hjälper att hitta ditt drömhem i solen.

Mvh Theresia & Yvette
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is cool spray on a hot day

Why I love Portugal?

“Portugal is full of surprises and I never tire of exploring this small but endlessly fascinating country. I'm enamoured by the scenery, the old-fashioned traditions of village life and Portugal's outstanding, very affordable seafood. I love taking in the stunning views along the coast, going for mountain treks and bumping into shepherds in the Serra da Estrela, and wandering the pretty towns of the...”

Regis St Louis - Writer

Source: Joseph J. Green